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CLAAS ARION 650 2017

Engine DPS PSS 130 kW/175 hp
Transmission 24/24 HEXASHIFT z HEXACTIV
Front axle tire 540/65 R28
Back axle tire 650/65 R38
Max speed 40 km/h
Hydraulic pump 3 valves
Front PTO Yes
PTO Type 540, 540E, 1000, 1000E
Power and flow 110 l/min

Additional equipment

  • Air brakes
  • Air conditioning
  • Board computer
  • Front connection
  • Front PTO
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Pneumatically suspended seat - Driver
  • PTO
  • Suspended cab
  • Suspended front axle


A36/400                   ARION 650 T3b
TD_102_6289                540/65 R28 Trelleborg TM800 / fixed rim
TD_102_6289                540/65 R28 Trelleborg TM800 / fixed rim
TD_103_75Y9                650/65 R38 Trelleborg TM800 / fixed rim
TD_103_75Y9                650/65 R38 Trelleborg TM800 / fixed rim
TD_105_0531                0531_20258270/2523
TD_302_0003                0003_Av Isobus et av Rel av
TD_310_0001                0001_Avec axe remorquage
TD_350_0000                0000_sans entretoise
TD_420_0001                0001_F Pn 2L 23+ CR sf cuna
TD_430_0001                0001_avec fr HYD ET avec fr PN
TD_440_0002                0002_Freinage pneum 50km/h
TD_510_0002                0002_Rel Av N4 ou N2 deh Ar
TD_512_0002                0002_Crochet ram distri E.H
TD_514_0014                0014_Susp axle & autopilot
TD_520_0000                0000_Sans bouchons
TD_527_0001                0001_A.pilot+Siège méca/Sears
TD_540_0001                0001_Sans ctrl pos Avec Rel av
TD_550_0003                0003_Av Reser Add+Lg trans&Mot
TD_800_0002                0002_Ailes esc avec 2029 susp
TD_810_0003                0003_Pont avant susp N4
TD_B02_0131                CLAAS front linkage 3.0 t
TD_B03_0011                External front linkage operation
TD_B04_0010                Linkage-mounted weight block 600 kg
TD_B06_0011                Front PTO 1000 rpm, 6 splines, 1 3/8″ (CEBIS)
TD_B08_0001                Without electronic position control
TD_B10_0000                Without pre-equipment for front loader
TD_B12_0021                Side rails on transmission and engine for front linkage
TD_I02_0040                CEBIS control terminal
TD_I04_0160                24/24 gear HEXASHIFT with HEXACTIV plus CSM
TD_I10_0011                ISOBUS equipment
TD_I18_0000                Without job management
TD_I22_0050                AUTO PILOT module
TD_I23_0100                GPS PILOT-ready
TD_I23_0110                CLAAS navigation controller
TD_I24_0080                Prepared for RTK correction signal
TD_I26_0000                Without TELEMATICS
TD_I28_0030                S10 terminal – (Terminal was removed by previus owner!)
TD_I29_0100                GLONASS activation
TD_I29_0110                Activation of RTK licence
TD_J02_0040                Standard ELC (electronic linkage control)
TD_J04_0302                Top and lower links with cat. 3 hooks
TD_J06_0400                Lower link stabilisers, automatic
TD_J08_0132                Mechanical top link, cat. 3 hook
TD_J09_0203                Ball set, cat. 3/2
TD_J10_1012                Pick-up hitch, hydraulic push out
TD_J14_0000                Without drawbar
TD_J16_0000                Without rear clevis
TD_J42_0022                Air brakes, 2 lines
TD_J44_0020                Hydraulic brakes.
TD_K02_0110                Load-sensing hydraulics 110 l/min
TD_K04_2030                3 spool valves, electrohydraulic (CEBIS)
TD_K10_0000                Without front hydraulic outlets
TD_K12_0000                Without Power Beyond
TD_N02_0012                Transmission without creeper range
TD_N04_0080                GPS-ready, transmission ratio 50 km/h
TD_N06_0513                PROACTIV suspended front axle – GPS-ready and multi-disc brakes
TD_N08_0013                Rear axle, standard
TD_N10_0022                PTO 540/540 ECO + 1000/1000 ECO rpm
TD_N14_0010                PTO stubs, 21 splines and 6 splines, 1 3/8″
TD_N20_0000                Without parking brake on REVERSHIFT lever
TD_N22_0254                Front mudguards, pivoting, 540 mm
TD_N26_0011                Without wheel spacers for rear axle (flanged axle)
TD_N34_0000                Without rear wheel weights
TD_P02_0070                175 hp rated output, 184 hp max. output, ECE R 120
TD_P04_0010                Without diesel pre-filter
TD_P06_0020                Battery isolator switch
TD_P08_0010                Red diesel
TD_P10_0000                Without cold start kit
TD_P18_0040                Fuel tank 280 l + additional fuel tank 50 l
TD_Q02_0010                4-pillar cab with 4-point suspension
TD_Q04_0011                Roof, without roof hatch
TD_Q06_0010                Rear window
TD_Q08_0010                Rear window wiper
TD_Q14_0022                Mirrors: 2 external, 1 internal and 1 hitch
TD_Q18_0021                Lateral mudguard extensions to 2.55 m external width (CEBIS)
TD_Q20_0010                Screen mounting rail
TD_Q22_0010                Removable storage box, left
TD_Q30_0020                Additional interface sockets
TD_Q40_0031                2x high-level headlights, A-pillar
TD_Q50_0000                Without fittings for wide load lighting
TD_Q56_0010                4x halogen road lights, 2x halogen work lights, bonnet
TD_Q58_0020                Halogen work lights: 4x roof, front and 4x roof, rear
TD_Q60_0010                Work lights, halogen: 2x turn indicator holder, 2x rear mudguards
TD_R00_0000                Colour, CLAAS Green
TD_R04_0061                Driver’s seat, air suspension and swivelling
TD_R06_0020                Passenger seat with safety belt
TD_R08_0010                Air conditioning
TD_R10_0010                Radio-prepared
TD_R14_0000                Without ashtray
TD_S01_0150                Sticker 50 km/h
TD_S02_0001                Standard sticker
TD_S04_0020                Left-hand drive
TD_S06_0030                2x rotating beacons
TD_S08_0001                Equipment – European Union
TD_SBL_0074                GPS PILOT S10 RTK Ready D_T02_0

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    +386 51 349 890
    NET €89.000
    Bodie Tractor
    Condition Used
    Make CLAAS
    Model ARION 650
    Fuel type Diesel
    Engine 130 kW/175 hp
    Engine type TIER 3
    Year 2017
    Transmission 24/24 HEXASHIFT z HEXACTIV
    Drive 4x4
    Working houer 3222 h
    VIN A3608924
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